Monday, January 16, 2012

What's the Plan?

A New Year has come and spring will soon be upon us -- can Spring Cleaning be far behind? Some of us approach Spring Cleaning with thrill and excited delight while others of us are filled with a cold black dread. Spring Cleaning does sound rather ominous, enormous, overwhelming and frightful... but if you think about it (it's just a thought -- it can't hurt you) Spring Cleaning is not really about "cleaning" -- it is more about Cleaning OUT. It's about picking things up, putting things in their proper places. It is about figuring out what's broke and what to do about it... Spring Cleaning is about getting ready to start over. I like the sound of that. To Cleared Paths and Fresh Beginnings:

But where does one begin? I like to begin with a list which I keep in a notebook. I go from room to room and list what's gotta go, what's gotta get fixed, what's gotta get replaced and what can't I do myself.

Let's say I start in the living room -- I stand at the doorway with my trusty notebook and I make the following notes -- Remove Christmas tree, find a better home for sneakers and hats, sort through armoire, repair window shade, replace pillows, have broken window repaired.

That's it -- in ten minutes I have begun spring cleaning -- practically painless.


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