Monday, June 13, 2011

Everything you need to know about Ammonia -- but wouldn't bother to ask.

Ammonia, ammonia... I live and breath ammonia!! When it comes to cleaning supplies, ammonia is the living end. It cleans everything. It cleans floors, it cleans windows, it cleans paint, it cleans plastic (it isn't supposed to clean granite, but, shhh, sometimes it does) When it comes to cleaning supplies, ammonia very nearly does it all. It cuts grease, grime, hairspray, stuck on food, floor wax. It serves as an excellent pre-treater in heavy traffic areas prior to carpet cleaning. Ammonia is the house cleaning workhorse.

HOWEVER -- the key to working safely with ammonia depends entirely on it being adequately diluted. Chemists know that ammonia is a gas and in usable household form it has been suspended in water... blah, blah, blah, on and on, whatever. All we want to know, no offense to the chemists intended, is how to make ammonia work as a quick, easy and cheap cleaner.

I buy regular household ammonia -- not Professional Janitorial Strength, which will strip the veins off the inside of your eyelids.  This little two quart bottle is about $2 and compares itself to Parsons (which is wonderful stuff). My preference is lemon scented... not that it really smells much like lemons... In a 25 oz. spray bottle pour between 5 to 10 oz. of ammonia. Fill the bottle with water.

There, for about .35c, you have a perfect blend of ammonia in a perfect vessel to flit about the house cleaning way up high and way down low.  Grubby finger prints on the fridge, God knows what on the counter, paw prints on the floor, that icky place between the window and the screen... windows, switch plates... it's all ammonia all the time.

If you are wondering how I go about cleaning floors with this stuff, you might not like what I have to say -- I clean floors on all fours. I know, everybody uses one of those cute little mops... if your cute mop allows you to fill the water reservoir then you can fill it with ammonia and water. What I do is sweep the floor of excess dust and debris. With a roll of paper towels in one hand and a spray bottle of ammonia in the other, I get down on all fours, spray the dirty floor, wipe it up with paper towels. (We'll have a whole paper towels vs terry cloth rags discussion another time.) I don't know what other floor cleaners cost, I do know that with an ammonia water spray and a length of paper towels I can clean a floor for under $1 and leave no residue behind.

As an aside, when I attack a kitchen or bath I clear away all the clutter, then I can spray away from left to right, top to bottom all the way around the room.

Mirrors: The key to a sparkling mirror is in the dry, not the wet. Dampness left on a mirror will result in    water spots. Wipe mirrors and glass dry for the cleanest possible clean.

Grimy surfaces: Let the product do it's job. Allow the ammonia and water solution to sit on a heavily soiled surface for several minutes before wiping it up. This can be tough on vertical surfaces but spray and spray again.

Water spots in a shower: This is not a job for ammonia -- next product discussion will be on Limeaway/ CLR (Calcium-Lime_Rust). Ammonia can clean quite a lot -- but it can't do everything.

Meanwhile De-clutter, Dust, Shine and Done!

If you have any specific cleaning questions please leave them in the comments and I will answer them here.  


  1. I've been using a lot of white vinegar, but sounds to me like ammonia would do a better job. Yes?

    1. I conquered the horrible build-up from Orange Glo on my wood floors using straight ammonia. It was the only thing that worked. 5 labor intensive, but effective steps to a perfectly clean, shiny hardwood floor. I'd be happy to share details with whomever may be interested.

    2. Michelle, I would LOVE to know about your hardwood floors. Mine don't have orange glow build up, but they ARE about 70 years old. They weren't ALWAYS taken care of, but they are nicer than a lot of wood floors that I've seen... I WOULD like to get whatever buildup they have off, so I can 'Rejuvinate' from scratch. That's my favorite shining product for them. (when I can afford it, lolololo) .

  2. Dori, I use vinegar for some things -- it is a sort of cross between bleach and ammonia. To my mind it doesn't cut grime, grease or hairspray very well. It dries too quickly to do an exemplary job on windows -- the glass dries before you're finished wiping so it can tend to streak.

    The fast drying aspect of vinegar is why it is preferred on hardwoods (though most hardwoods are sealed). The shorter time wood is wet the less likely it is to be damaged or discolored by moisture.

    Vinegar does a good job of removing hard water deposits -- not a great job, but good. It can be run through a coffee maker in a way we would not do with CLR. Sprayed regularly on shower doors and faucets, vinegar can reduce hard water damage.

    In most instances I don't care for the vinegar smell before, during or after cleaning except when it's used in the wash -- One can add lemon juice to vinegar with no untoward effects.

    Vinegar does an exemplary job of removing and preventing mold within the seal of the fridge and freezer -- better than bleach. Also vinegar does a great job in the wash to remove odors and arm pit stains from cotton shirts.

    If you like vinegar in a not so dirty house there is no reason to stop using it. For tougher areas, give ammonia a try -- you might find it's a great addition to your arsenal.

    Do you dilute the vinegar you use in your home? Do you use a spray bottle?

    Great question -- thanks.

    1. I don't have a reply but rather a question
      I moved a large cupboard in my kitchen
      Now there is a distinct difference in colour on my vinyl floor. The cupboard area looks new while rest looks dingy. What should I use to clean the dingy so all flooring matches

    2. Hi Cathleen -- the short answer be be that nothing will work or help. Your cabinet has essentially protected the flooring in that area from sun damage. The rest of your floor has bleached out over time, will the cabinet protected area has not. The only treatment here is time -- within a few months you may notice that the previously covered area is not so noticeably delineated. Wish I had a quick-as-a-wink solution.

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    4. Using vinegar as a second step in a baking soda scrubbing for refrigerators works wonders as well and leaves no smell at all. This clears away mold from sitting refrigerators and and salmonella.

  3. OK - I BOUGHT the ammonia (lemon flavor, also en Espanol on the bottle) now I just gotta USE the ammonia! Does it work on greasy grimey stoves that nothing works on? I probably should read your prior post, huh?!

    1. Baking Danielson the stove like nothing else. Sprinkle a bit is shot dish rag and lightly rub all the grease away. Takes 3 minutes. But if you have a real tough spot just sprinkle a small bit add a tiny bit of hot water and let set for a couple minutes and wipe away.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. There is that disconnect between BUYING and USING!! Happens all the time. Ammonia will work really well on the outside of the stove -- Easy Off Oven Cleaner is for the inside of the stove (assuming it is not self-cleaning.) Easy Off works well on stove grates, oven racks and cooking pots, pans and casserole dishes (not for use on aluminum.)

    Something else that works GRREAT on hardened greasy stove grime is Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser. (Stove grime is about the only thing that not-so-magical eraser works on -- but it does erase hardened grease like nothing else.)

    Now you have to actually USE the cleaning products. Wish I could be there.

  5. Thank you, Jenny! Yes, I dilute the vinegar, maybe 1 pt to 5 of water and use a spray bottle. Sometimes I add lavender oil...but then it smells like a lavender pickle! ;-) I think I'll use vinegar water for the lightweight stuff, and use ammonia for some others. During flu season I still use diluted bleach water, too. That's a carry over from my tearoom days.

    Loving this, Jenny!

  6. Dori, that's the dilution ratio I use and I'm pretty happy with it. I have used Rosemary oil in vinegar to cut the odor. It smells really fresh. I love the notion of a lavender pickle... way off topic -- there is a pizza place here that makes pickle pizzas. Ick.

  7. Rosemary! That would be better.

    Pickle pizza.... um... No thank you! lol!

  8. That's how I clean floors. You need to be up close and personal when it comes to floors. Well, that's how I did clean floors. Thanks to all my lucky stars, that is now someone else's duty.

  9. Hooray for you and your lucky stars!! I like to get up close and personal with a floor too -- in my mind a mop just shoves the mess from here to there. If one is going to have lucky stars, tending to the floors is a great place to begin! ♥

  10. That is how I usually clean my floors too! My husband thinks I should use a mop but I really dislike spreading that dirty water all over the floor! That is NOT cleaning! I wash my hard wood floors with vinegar and water, my other floors with Lysol cleaner and paper towels. I do have the "fancy mop" and that does work for inbetween cleaning.

  11. Thank you, Jenny! Yes, I dilute the vinegar, maybe 1 pt to 5 of water and use a spray bottle. Sometimes I add lavender oil...but then it smells like a lavender pickle! ;-) I think I'll use vinegar water for the lightweight stuff, and use ammonia for some others. During flu season I still use diluted bleach water, too.hi very nice blog and very nice information and Good luck on your business, and keep on providing good service. Rest assured, these will perfectly suit the particular needs of your customers.

  12. I am moving into a new apt and the stove top has the grime that has been there for a while. It doesn't come up with any kitchen/bath sprays. I have CLR, and am using it in the bathroom, would this be ok to use on the stove top of a gas stove?

    1. Borax powder works great, too, sprinkle on grime or better yet, on the scrubbing pad or cloth that is already moist , combined with a couple drops of chosen cleaner and it does a number on old grime. Also works great on old metal pots and pans etc. I use on my toaster oven, too, even the glass door. Once I rinse it off it sparkles. I think Borax could be mixed with ammonia OR vinegar but check first. Do not do this with CLR (my borax idea) just because I can't imagine it being suitable.

  13. I've been going to use ammonia on perspiration stains. Have you tried it on material? I was just getting ready to wash a load of whites in our very "hard" water. I read where it said to add salt, but didn't say how much. My clothes still come out grayish. So, I am ready to try spraying diluted ammonia on the stains and see if they come out. Does ammonia take out urine stains from bed sheets? That's another project for this spring.

    1. use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide...brings it out everytime...ammonia didnt work for me

    2. Pine sol helped deodorize and clean the urine from my kid's sheets.

    3. OXYGEN BLEACH!!! In my experience yellow underarm stains are the result of deodorant/antiperspirant use - but what you gonna do -- stink? Try soaking the items in OXICLEAN (or other oxygen bleach) for a couple of days. I do it in the washer by scheduling time when my wife will not be using the washer for 2 or 3 days. After agitating everything well, I set the washer to SLOW, GENTLE and run it for about 5 minutes whenever I think about it - maybe 10 times over 2 or 3 days. Then I run a final wash with a little detergent, as usual. Now my wife's undershirts, chemise, and other white underclothes somehow magically appear in my 'whites to wash' basket. She thinks I am a miracle worker. Look up stain removal and oxygen bleach on the Internet - wedding dresses, old lace, yellowed pillow cases protectors, etc. It really works.

  14. So does it work perfect on floors

    1. It cut through grime on my floors that nothing else had!!! I found it worked better with hot water.

  15. If using a mop, do you need to rinse after? The directions on the bottle just say 1 cup ammonia to 1 gallon of water. Will it take off hardened food stains from cabinets?

  16. I've had a bottle of ammonia under my sink for a very long time and finally gave it a try. Works great on my kitchen cabinets and glass! Thanks!
    One tip I got from a friend years ago (with cleaning business). If I'm having trouble kneeling to spot clean kitchen floors or shower, I use my feet. Awkward at first, but I get a powerful scrub going and a little leg workout :-)

  17. I've always used ammonia to spot clean carpets and upholstery. It cleans everything and doesn't leave any residue.

  18. Ammonia has about same ph of 9 as baking soda. Is baking soda good on grease and grime as well?

    1. Yes, it sure is ! But , Borax powder is even better at grease & grime. You can find it in the laundry detergent aisle. It comes in a box.

  19. Can I use ammonia/water mix on laminate (Pergo-like) flooring? On vinyl flooring? Thanks!

    1. Bob Vila--and the directions on my ammonia bottle--say do NOT use on vinyl flooring. I'd do a test spot on laminate.

    2. In very small print on the box of laminate flooring it says to use a vinegar and water solution for best results.

    3. Then what to use?!?! I have a new home with "fake" wood floors whatever that is... help, i wanted ti try ammonia!:(

    4. Then what to use?!?! I have a new home with "fake" wood floors whatever that is... help, i wanted ti try ammonia!:(

  20. I have just bought some Ammonia at 3% strength - how much more should I dilute it?

  21. I want to soak my kitchen blinds in a solution that would easily take off dried dust and grease. Would ammonia work?

  22. Any suggestions to get the "yellow" (i think it's oxidation) out of my linoleum kitchen floor

  23. Thankyou for very helpful information and discussion!!!!

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  25. I started adding Ammonia to the laundry also, per the instructions on the bottle. I think things come out a lot cleaner and it totally removes any smell. My laundry is pretty bad because I work in a dirty, stinky environment and this really worked for me. Now I will try it for all the other uses you suggest! :) It won't harm any fabrics like bleach does either.

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  30. HELP! I didn't read this first and I cleaned my carpet with just straight ammonia and now I can't get the smell out of the house. I used a lot. Is there a trick? I have windows. What else can I do? Will the smell leave when the carpet dries?
    PS WoW it cleaned GREAT btw!

    1. I have my windows OPEN. lol Of course I have windows. hehe

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  32. Diluted ammonia and a stiff broom for scrubbing works well on my kitchen ceramic tile. I usually rinse twice.

  33. Hi my kids & dog keep peein on my sofa. How do i get it all cleaned up & the smell go away? I have tried vinegar but i still have the smell

  34. Hi my kids & dog keep peein on my sofa. How do i get it all cleaned up & the smell go away? I have tried vinegar but i still have the smell

    1. For the above comment in regards to the kids and dog pee on the couch, try Kids n Pets spray from Walmart (about 4.97) . While I love cleaning with ammonia and vinegar the spray breaks down the urine and even deters them from using that spot again. It has a very light scent and is great at cleaning stains etc. I have 3 dogs and a 4 year old, I spray my couches and carpet with it daily, let dry and then vacuum.

  35. For the above comment in regards to the kids and dog pee on the couch, try Kids n Pets spray from Walmart (about 4.97) . While I love cleaning with ammonia and vinegar the spray breaks down the urine and even deters them from using that spot again. It has a very light scent and is great at cleaning stains etc. I have 3 dogs and a 4 year old, I spray my couches and carpet with it daily, let dry and then vacuum.

  36. For the above comment in regards to the kids and dog pee on the couch, try Kids n Pets spray from Walmart (about 4.97) . While I love cleaning with ammonia and vinegar the spray breaks down the urine and even deters them from using that spot again. It has a very light scent and is great at cleaning stains etc. I have 3 dogs and a 4 year old, I spray my couches and carpet with it daily, let dry and then vacuum.

  37. I use ammonia to clean my jewelry. Including my diamonds, silver and gold...put it in straight ammonia in a cup, swish around...sometimes give it a brush with a will be amazed at the sparkle!

  38. Camelia Brown: Be careful. I just did vinegar and oxi clean for my laundry and then posted about it on a laundry Facebook page and found out how toxic it can be by the mix of oxiclean and vinegar creating some acid. I ended up calling poison control as well. I don't know much more and don't wanna sound like a know it all by any means because clearly I'm not haha but just in case! :)

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  40. If your house is a light color, then you will probably notice a build up quicker than most. If you haven't thought about using a pressure washer to do your dirty work, read this article and you soon will!visit this site

  41. what is good for getting soap scum of shower glass door

    1. I do cleaning for a living and swear by ammonia in a spray bottle,(the stronger the solution the better but beware it has quite toxic fumes) I find it great on shower glass but it is tough to use for any length of time. (you may want to use a mask to avoid problems and make sure the area is well ventilated). I think ammonia is the best in greasy kitchen areas it also takes all the elbow grease out of the job. Ajax is another of my favourites on a damp microfibre cloth on shower glass, especially if you struggle with the ammonia smell, rinse with water and polish up with vinegar spray mixed with water. Vinegar is also useful for neutralising the oven cleaner or so I heard as a wives tale years ago and have used it ever since. After cleaning the oven with the heavy duty cleaners on the market and rinsing off as best you can just spray your oven with a vinegar and water solution and no more fumes or worries of nasty chemicals left in there somewhere - or so I've been told. Does anyone know otherwise or is this fact?

  42. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  49. I had used everything I could think of to unstop a clogged drain in laundry room, I poured straight household ammonia down the laundry water outlet, after a couple of days, drain was clear, no more back up into laundry sink! Amazing ammonia was used on very stinky subfloor after carpet and underlay was removed (previous owners had dogs, cats, kids all urinating on rugs very stinky) removed all odor! Left windows open durin treatment, then laid beautiful bamboo floor! No more stink, even my dog can't smell it anymore!

  50. Hi, I love this post. However I will be honest and say I didn't have time to read ALL the replies so I hope no one has said this before. I used 1 tbsp of ammonia and 1 tbsp of cheap dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle topped up to 500 ml. It cleans everything!!! In the shower however, I use half vinegar, half cheap dishwashing liquid in a squirt bottle. I squirt it on a sponge and wipe the tiles and everything else with it. It could go into a spray bottle but the vapors from the vinegar are really awful. The ammonia mixture is good for spot cleaning carpets and upholstery and the sink, cooktop, tiles, floors...everything. But I use the vingar mixture because the vapours from the ammonia are really strong in the enclosure of the shower and also the vinegar keeps the shower really really clean and in 20 years I've never had a spot of mold. Hope this helps. :)

  51. I forgot, I make the ammonia and dishwashing liquid in bulk. Half a lt of both in a one lt bottle and then add two tbsp of that to the 500 ml bottle. :)

    1. I just realized I wrote it wrong. I'm sorry. One tsp of ammonia, one of dish washing liquid and top up to 500 ml with WATER. I'm so sorry for anyone that tried this and did it wrong because of my instructions.

    2. One tablespoon....grrrrrrrrrrrr. autocorrect! !!!! One tablespoon of ammonia 1 tablespoon of dish washing liquid and top up to 500 ml of water. Third time lucky!

  52. I used it on floor and it was great in fighting with different stains. Even cleaning companies use it in their work process. I talking about the good one Kuura Oy

  53. Will the ammonia hurt doga and\or stop them pissing on the floor ....very curious

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  59. I moved into my boyfriend's home about 5 years ago. You know that build-up from grease around the gas burners on a stove that is absolutely impossible to remove? Well I read about ammonia doing the trick. I tried it, by putting the stove liners and burner grates all in a trash sack, dousing with ammonia, and leave it outside overnight (with a loose knot). Holy crapola, the stuff comes off like a charm. THX AMMONIA!

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  64. Hi, I have PVC walls and when it rains the walls sweat and forms a blackish mildew after. I have cleaned it with bleach water but that does not keep it away very long and the walls at back to looking ugly. Please help me with a more effective solution.

    1. Hi Christine -- spray your walls with a strong vinegar solution -- from 50% vinegar and 50% water or even as much as straight vinegar. (I am not fond of the odor but it does work better than bleach.) Let it dry. It should keep the mold and mildew at bay longer.

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  66. My sister told me a tip to clean oven grates. Put the grates in a large plastic heavy duty trash bag, add cloudy/soapy ammonia and seal. Leave overnight. When you open and rinse the next day the "gunk" is gone.

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  68. hi, I live in a place where the floors are vinal and very grotty. I've spent years trying to clean them : I've bought the ammonia can you suggest the next step ?
    Thank you

    1. I Anne -- mix ammonia (preferably from Walgreen's) half and half with water, at minimum 1/4 ammonia to 3/4 water. Spray it on the floor, at 3' square at a time,let sit as long as 15 minutes. Wipe up with either a rag or paper towels. Your floor will be pristine by the time you've wiped it all up.

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